Choosing consequences

What have I been talking with parents about this past month? A lot of parents have been very interested to know how they can determine whether the consequences they are giving their child’s mistaken behaviour are fair and reasonable, and… Read More ›


Phil Nunn, an Australian psychologist, says that parenting is like having a rope around your waist. Parenting is all about knowing when to let the rope out and when to reel it in. I take this metaphor a little bit… Read More ›


I love Descriptive Praise as a parenting strategy. That is, not saying “good boy/girl” or “good job/work” when your child has done something well, but to actually describe what you like about what he or she did and why. And… Read More ›


Do you do Time-Out at your place? Professor Matt Sanders from Triple P advises that Time-Out is a positive strategy for parents. Time-Out has been receiving a bad rap in the parent education field the past few years. And foster carers… Read More ›