Too much noise

Sometimes parents can talk too much. There’s too much questioning, nagging, lecturing, telling them what/how/when/where/why, taking over, yelling, and yakkity-yak. Too much noise. When my kids come home from school, I ask “how was school”. I never expect any answer… Read More ›

Time and Space

How are you settling into the new-ish year? With the kids back at pre/primary/high school, it’s onto sizzling routines, packing lunch boxes (sigh), washing school clothes, class information nights, notes from school, and lots of organising. It’s full-on isn’t it?… Read More ›

Reflective listening

If you search on the term “reflective listening” you will get many different ways of being a reflective listener. I find reflective listening a wonderful tool, but when I teach it to parents they say “that’s weird”. I tell them to go home… Read More ›