Child Anxiety Resources

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Fact Sheets

From the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University…



FREE Online Programme for Children, Teens, and Parents – BRAVE


Book – to purchase

If you would like to learn the tools that you can use to help your child overcome his/her worries and fears, this is the best book available. It can be purchased from the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University at the following link

With the book you get a free downloadable workbook that you can use with your child. This book contains all of the strategies offered in the Cool Kids anxiety treatment programme. Written in an easy to understand style and format. This book is BRILLIANT!




Phobias and fears in children – Powerful strategies to try – Karen Young.

Anxiety in Children  Professor Ron Rapee   Go to link –

Spiders, the dark, and thunder. Not so scary once you get to know them. Professor Matt Sanders

Understanding the Anxious Mind – Professor Jerome Kagan

How anxiety leads to disruptive behaviour

Anxiety – reversing the vicious cycle

Australian study finds thousands of children and teens suffer mental illness

What worries Australian children?

The worry brain

Confessions of an anxious mother

10 steps for parents and kids to tame the worry monster

Why I stopped fighting my anxiety disorder by Frank South – the effectiveness of breathing

Article on the Hand Model of the Brain by Dr Dan Siegel

Overcoming anxiety through active coping. An article by Joseph LeDoux and Jack Gorman about active coping skills in dealing with anxiety.

Eye patterns in children: The development of anxiety and emotion



Triple P podcast on Comfort Items

Triple P podcast on Children’s Fears

ABC Radio podcast on Children and their Emotions

Managing depression in children




Parenting strategies for anxiety and depression in children and adolescents Downloadable resources from Monash University




Professor Ron Rapee speaking about Cool Little Kids


Professor Jennie Hudson – Let our children play in the mud


Professor Jennie Hudson – Understanding Anxiety in Young People


Dr Dan Siegel – Using Mind Sight to Nurture a Shy Child


Dr Lauren McLellan speaking about child anxiety (7 to 12 years)


Professor Joseph Le Doux speaking about “anxious”


Professor Joseph LeDoux speaking about the amygdala


Professor Joseph LeDoux speaking about fear


Professor Joseph LeDoux speaking about coming to terms with fear






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