Parenting Skills

Parent traps

Guest post by Professor Matt Sanders It’s tough being a parent but it’s easy to fall into one of the common parenting traps. The criticism trap is when there are frequent power struggles with your child. The situations escalate from criticising… Read More ›

Sink or swim?

Last month I spent three days at Westfield Penrith promoting AD/HD Awareness Month. It was great! Lots of parents and grandparents came up to me to talk about their kids with AD/HD and the stigma that they suffer every day…. Read More ›

Too much noise

Sometimes parents can talk too much. There’s too much questioning, nagging, lecturing, telling them what/how/when/where/why, taking over, yelling, and yakkity-yak. Too much noise. When my kids come home from school, I ask “how was school”. I never expect any answer… Read More ›