Encouraging Desirable Behaviour

Family Meetings

What is the first thing you think of when someone says ‘family meeting’? The Brady Bunch? Despite this image, family meetings are actually really good value! I can’t believe I’ve not written about this topic yet. I was introduced to… Read More ›


Phil Nunn, an Australian psychologist, says that parenting is like having a rope around your waist. Parenting is all about knowing when to let the rope out and when to reel it in. I take this metaphor a little bit… Read More ›


Humans need hugs. Touch is so important that infants that have all of their needs met but don’t  get hugs, affection, eye contact, are at risk of developing a condition called ‘failure to thrive’. Dr Virginia Satir, a world renowned… Read More ›

Connection Rituals

If your child is having trouble separating from you into childcare or school, or even to family and friends, sometimes it helps to have a ‘connection ritual’. My youngest boy taught me the importance of this. People say that we… Read More ›

Fussy eaters

Got a fussy eater? Yep, me too. My two older boys would eat anything. They would eat a cricket if you put chilli sauce on it. But the youngest one was sent to jolt me out of my complacent parenting… Read More ›