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Nepean Community & Neighbourhood Services has created some posters to address the stigma and misinformation surrounding ADHD. You are welcome to download, print, and distribute them widely.

Forget what you think you know about ADHD

ADHD is Real

Kids with ADHD are not the problem

Girls with ADHD



Lectures on ADHD for parents, by Dr Russell A Barkley

  • What is AD/HD?
  • What  causes ADHD?
  • The treatments for child and adolescent ADHD
  • School management of children with ADHD
  • The 12 best principles for managing a child or teen with ADHD



Articles about ADHD by Dr Thomas E Brown

ADHD and executive function by Dr Russell A Barkley

What we know about the long term effects of ADHD medication (USA)

R is for Ritalin

Is a gluten-free diet a cure for ADHD?  An article citing two research studies, by the same researcher, linking coeliac disease with the signs and symptoms of ADHD. The title of the article is a bit deceptive. In the 2011 study it was found that 15% of the children diagnosed with ADHD had undiagnosed coeliac disease.

6 ADHD Myths Busted

28 things nobody told you about having a kid with ADHD – A light-hearted but true look at parenting a child with ADHD.

Anxiety or ADHD? – Why they sometimes look the same and how to tell the difference.



Child Behaviour Research Clinic

University Western Sydney – Psychology Clinic



Attention Talk Radio (USA)

Dr David Nowell (USA)



How to ADHD – YouTube channel created by a young woman who has ADHD

ADHD Kids Rock A cool website for children with AD/HD, their parents and teachers

ADHD and You information, tools and resources (US website)

ADDitude magazine – articles, slide shows, webinars, resources on AD/HD and learning disorders

Raised on Ritalin – Comic book personal story of AD/HD, medication, and modern psychiatry

ADHD Together – Information, advice, resources, tools for managing a child with ADHD. The Resources page on this website is amazing.

Understood (USA) – Information and resources for learning and attention issues.




ADHD treatment and the brain  A video from the ADHD Institute in the UK about medication.



This lecture by Professor Russell A Barkley was recorded in 2012. In the lecture, Prof. Barkley advises that the review of the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) will abandon the three subtypes of ADHD (39 minutes into the video). This was not the case. The DSM – 5 released late in 2015 continues to categorise the three subtypes – Inattentive; Hyperactivity & Impulsivity; and Combined.



Interview with two 6 year-old children, one has ADHD…


Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

The research says that after medication the next best treatment for children with ADHD is positive parenting. Harsh, punitive, or inconsistent parenting has been implicated in poor mental health and oppositional defiant disorder for children with ADHD.

Triple P is available in the community for free. Check the Resourcing Parents website for Triple P in your area (NSW).

Triple P is also available online for the cost of $80. The link to Triple P Online is


2 replies

  1. I just have a question . I’m trying to figure out if my child has signs of ADHD, she’s going to be 5 years old and I’ve talked to her doctor about how she acts an how easily distracted an hyper she is and her doctor said she just seems like a normal 4 year old but, I think there is something more . It’s really hard for her to sit down am pay attention even at school , she over talks people an talks about anything an everything even if the stories don’t go together, she get a frustrated easily with picking up her toys an becomes very distracted .

    • Hi Saraya

      As the parent you know your child the best.

      One of the strongest predictors of a child having ADHD is a family history of ADHD. Does anyone in the extended family have ADHD?

      You don’t mention where you are located. If you are in Australia, you can ask your GP for a referral to a psychologist to have your child assessed. This is cheaper though a Mental Health Treatment Plan as you can get a rebate from Medicare. When you book the appointment with he GP let reception know that you would like a Mental health Treatment Plan.

      You can also get an assessment from a paediatrician but you don’t get a rebate from Medicare for the fees.

      Some hospitals have child development units and thus the assessment is free but there is often a long wait. Also public schools have school counsellors and they are qualified to do the clinical interview and rating scales to assess for ADHD.

      In the area where I work, many of the psychologists and paediatricians ask parents to do a Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) course before they make a final diagnosis. Triple P is available for free in the community (NSW, QLD) or online for $80

      Kind regards

      Narelle Smith

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