Preventing child sexual abuse

There are a lot of myths in the community about child sexual abuse.

Teaching our children about strangers is something that all parents do, however the greatest risk is from people you know. Many parents are not aware of the “grooming process” that perpetrators of child sexual abuse engage in to gain the trust of parents, increase their access to the child, desensitise the child to touch, establish the child as a liar, and manipulate the child to maintain his/her secrecy.

With as many as 1 in 5 children experiencing some form of unwanted sexual act, it is something that all parents need to be aware of, and take steps to create safe physical and emotional environments for their children.

Please read this article from Dr Darci Walker…

A real look at preventing sexual abuse

And go to the following website for a comprehensive booklet called “Wise Up to child sexual abuse” and for Aboriginal families “Yarning up about child sexual abuse”.


wise up

Narelle Smith



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