Value of the month

When I was facilitating a parent group in February this year, I casually mentioned to the group that as a family we have one value that we focus on each month. One focus word that brings us together and helps us to focus on what is important. During February that value was ‘Kindness’.

At dinner time, we talked about what acts of kindness we performed throughout the day. In interactions between each other, I asked the boys to reflect if they were being kind.

The group of parents I was working with loved the idea and took ‘kindness’ home to their own families. In our conversations outside of the group, we were talking about how our kids were growing in kindness. There was a kindness buzz going on, and it felt so good.

Several months on, and the families I am still in contact with reflect on how they still talk about kindness with their children.

For my family, the focus word in March was ‘Breathe’. It was a hectic month. Before dinner, we did some breathing. When the kids got overwhelmed we did some breathing.

April was ‘Joy’. We had two weeks school holidays and enjoyed the simple things of life.

And May was ‘Generosity’. We explored the ways we give to others.

I wait until the new month starts before I set a new focus word. It has to reflect the circumstances and energy of our family at the time. It’s just a simple little thing that we are now in the habit of doing. It has added vigour to our discussions and enriched our interactions. And this is the thing, you don’t forget the lessons learnt from the previous months’ focus word. You do have to be careful that you don’t compartmentalise, don’t make it something to nag the kids about. Just enjoy the process,  just let it be organic and flowing and see where it takes you.

Wishing you lots of whatever you are focusing on this month.


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